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A whole new way of sleeping

Get a perfect, regenerative night's sleep every night and train your mind while you sleep using an advanced new sleep learning technique.

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Wake up energized every morning

As well as making it easier for you to fall asleep quickly and naturally, every SleepOptimized audio is designed to gradually wake you up in the morning, using a sophisticated system of audio mechanisms.

Instead of abruptly waking up to the horrific sound of an alarm clock, SleepOptimized will gradually wake you up making you feel energized and ready for anything -- every single morning.

Wake up feeling great

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Positive Affirmations for Good Posture (Perfect Posture), With Audio Downloads

Having good posture makes you look more attractive, more professional and more confident. And standing up straight in a confident position can even reduce your cortisol levels according to a research conducted at Harvard University. Having good posture is also important for the health of your back. A crooked or curved spine can lead to […]